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FRIDAY 29th APRIL 2022

Anyone whos experienced a live AKMAL show knows the charmingly deranged energy this hilarious national treasure brings to the stage.

Now imagine AKAMAL cooped up for months inside his own house during lockdown – forced to stare at the wall muttering madly to himself instead of into a mic. The thoughts swirling but never getting OUT. The unreleased funny building to a critical mass.

Oh Boy!

Thankfully, it’s time for AKMAL to explode onto the stage once more… and God only knows what crazy thoughts he’s cooked up in confinement!

Pandemics got you down? Akmal is the perfect cure, He’s an ARIA winning comic who has spent decades at the top of the Aussie comedy industry. He has the unique perspective of being born in Egypt and raised here from the age of 11.

He’s also one of our funniest exports having toured the world including the Edinburgh and Montreal International Comedy Festivals. He’s a star of film and TV notably one of the most reluctant guests on “Ï’m a celebrity get me out of here”(he did really want to get out of there) as well as numerous radio appearances. he’s an author and a poet (okay not a poet) a beloved all-round performer and it’s going to be amazeballs fun as he gets back to his standup comedy roots this festival season.