18th August 2020

Please Note that Agenda Item 6 on the web-site has been amended.

The previous Notice in the First Ordinary Resolution, c) sort members approval for three ordinary Directors to be paid an honorarium of $7,500 inclusive of Superannuation Guarantee: when the correct number of ordinary Directors is four.

You are advised that the official Notice on the Club’s Notice Board and the Notice forwarded to eligible members did have the correct number of ordinary Directors in the First Ordinary Resolution in the Agenda.

I apologise if this typographical error caused any confusion.

Rocky Massaria ACCM JP
Chief executive Officer


16th July 2020


One of the eligibility requirements of the Club’s Constitution, Rule 27.1(d) states that for a person to be nominated, elected or appointed to the Board of the Club is that the person “has completed a governance course conducted by ClubsNSW and arranged by the Club for all members who wish to be nominated for election or appointment to the Board”.


(For more details about eligibility refer to Rule 10.7A, 10.7B and 27.1 of the Club’s Constitution)


Recent Reforms to the Regulations require directors to complete such mandatory training requirements as required by the Regulations made under the Registered Clubs Act.


Members are advised that ClubsNSW has advised that all training and courses have been cancelled until early 2021 due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.


Therefore, the Board has resolved that as no courses are currently available, nominations from members who meet all the other requirements under Rule 27.1 will be accepted. Any newly elected member to the Board who has not met all the requirements when nominated and is elected to the Board, must complete the mandatory Training Governance course as soon as ClubsNSW resumes their Training.


Failure to undertake the required training will result in the newly elected member ineligible to be a director of the Club.


Members will be further advised when nominations for the Board will open.



Dated: 16th July 2020                                                                     By direction of the Board



Rocky Massaria ACCM JP

Chief Executive Officer


18th December 2019

Change in Club Auditor

Members are advised that the Club’s Auditor, Ken Dive, MacBride Hinton and Co. has advised that following his application to ASIC to resign as Auditor of the Bowlers Club of New South Wales Ltd. ASIC has consented to his resignation effective from the date of this Notice.

Mr Dive’s reason for resigning is due to his age and there being no succession within his firm.

The Club has obtained expressions of interest from a number of Audit firms and following due process has proposed to appoint Clayton Eveleigh, of BDO, as the Auditor of the Bowlers Club of New South Wales Ltd.

Rocky Massaria ACCM JP
Chief Executive Officer


Whistleblower Policy

Club York has implemented a new Whistleblower Policy – details of this policy are available by contacting the club on




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This club is required by law to make available to its members information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club.

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