Dear Members,

The Club is excited to announce that the Board of Directors in conjunction with Executive Management are working towards undertaking a significant refurbishment of the Club on the Ground Level and Level One of its premises at York St, Sydney. This project was identified as a critical issue to be addressed in the Clubs latest strategic planning session, involving the Clubs Board and Senior Management.

It is envisaged that the project works will take place in several stages with the first stage being the construction of a new bar, scheduled to commence in Primi Italian at the end of June. The Club has made a commitment to progress with this stage of work, as the success of the operation has outgrown the size and capacity of the very small bar area that exists in this space. The incredible growth of the beverage department in the Primi Italian restaurant has warranted this improvement, so we can continue to provide a competitive offering increasing the long-term financial growth and viability of this operation.

The next stage the Club is intending to embark on is aimed at improving the overall efficiency and flow of the operation by redesigning the layout of the Main Floor and Level One area. These improvements include bringing the gaming room together as one space on the ground floor, creating a new bar and lounge area with an excellent selection of product offering, along with a new sport viewing wall. After a competitive tender process, the Club engaged a cutting-edge designer, Loop Creative, to create a fantastic space which will bring the clubs facility into line with its competitors and ensure profitability into the future.

On Level One, we are looking to reinvigorate the alfresco area by removing the outdoor gaming and repurposing a section of that space into a beautifully presented alfresco dining space opening off Zabou Dining. By opening this space up, it will create an attractive presence to the streetscape and enable the venue to focus on a truly exception bar and dining experience on Level One.

As the club progresses with the design of this refurbishment project, we will provide an update on progress to Club members as appropriate. This process is significant, and it is important that the club board and executive consider carefully all the necessary details before presenting any information prematurely. The Club has taken on this project refurbishment with a desire to enhance the Clubs offering for our current members, and with a view to continue to grow the business operation into the future by attracting new clientele to Club York. It is essential for Club York to continue to ensure relevance in a changing, competitive environment.

We aim to deliver these projects with the least disruption possible to our members and guests. The Club has engaged Paynter Dixon as the Club’s construction manager who has completed successful projects with the Club in the past, along with many others in the Club industry to the highest quality of workmanship. We look forward to delivering these great improvements in the near future.

Regards, Angus Rimmer – CEO

Club York Sydney